I was born in Chicago, Illinois, March 6, 1940. Coincidentally, Michelangelo was born on March 6. However, my beginning as an artist is more like "Grandma Moses", as my painting career started in the year 2000 at age sixty.

I started painting with "water-based" oils, experimented with different mediums, but chose to paint with oils. My subjects are varied; landscapes, figures, animals, flowers, etc. and I use very large canvases. My frames are custom made of red oak wood. I stain the wood with a color that compliments the painting, then the frame and canvas are put together into what I feel is a very pleasing, tasteful, combination. All paintings come framed and ready for hanging.

When I was 1yr. old the Krunic family (mom Dolores, dad Michael, sister Gladys, brother Michael) moved from Chicago to Denver, Colorado. I attended Swansea Elementary School and Smiley Junior High. We then moved to Southern California in 1952. I attended Lakewood Junior High School, Woodrow Wilson High, Long Beach City College, and finally graduated from the University of California at Long Beach. My natural athletic ability led me to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education with a minor in Mathematics in 1970. After teaching mathematics and physical education at La Quinta High School from 1970-1980 I moved to Annapolis, California on the Northern Sonoma Coast. In 1999 I moved along with my mother to Cloverdale, California where we currently reside. At this new turn in my life I decided to investigate my latent ability to draw and paint.

My skill as an athlete equates to my skill as an artist, they both have been extremely self-satisfying. I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I do producing them.

artist janice vee krunic
the artist-jan krunic